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This was a project assigned in my Design Studio class and we were tasked to redesign the branding for a festival of some sort and create an informational brochure along with it. I chose Boston Calling because Boston is already very near and dear to me, and though I have never attended Boston Calling I have always wanted to. I decided to make a trifold brochure with a miniature vinyl sleeve, and designed a poster on the inside of the brochure. I wanted to make my design something memorable, something that people can hang up on thier walls and remember their day with. My design was inspired mainly by vinyls and record designs. The logo was intended to look like it belonged in the center design of a vinyl. and the textures seen on the final poster and the brochure flaps are the rings seen on a vinyl. I also decided to redesign the map to match my branding and brochure, also keep it very minimalistic so that people can find their way around easily.